Confetti Cookies


Creating this blog has been a challenge. Mostly because now every time I cook something I have to measure out the ingredients.

I really despise measuring. For one, it’s time consuming. For two, I have always had this pompous ass notion that “real cooks don’t measure”. I can be a bitch and I’m sorry for that.

Shout out to all my friends who have stuck by me.

Back to measuring being too time consuming for me. I’m impatient–full disclosure. I have fully accepted and acknowledged the fact that I’m impatient.  Measuring and following directions triggers my lack of patience. I’m literally getting hives just thinking about it. This is why I’ve never really considered myself a “baker”. I mean, yeah, I can definitely bake (I can do anything! So can you!) but all the effort that you have to put into being accurate, and taking your time, and following rules turned me off. Like, why does the flour have to be sifted? Can I live?


Things change. People change. I changed.

I discovered Joy The Baker, one of my now FAVORITE bloggers, and I became a baking addict. A baking ADDICT, people. I took one for the team and put my ridiculous impatience aside and I bake. And bake. And bake. Cake, cake, cake.


This cookie recipe is the shit. It’s basically a buttery sugar cookie loaded with sprinkles and I ain’t even mad at it. You won’t be mad at it either.


Find the recipe here: Vanilla Bean Confetti Cookies


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